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Monitoring Simplified
Security Maximized

Remote Monitoring and Management Solution
Purpose-Built for Physical Security


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Serverli MD makes it easy to comprehensively monitor and manage your entire physical security environment from edge to core

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Serverli MD Monitoring

Real Time


Serverli MD Management


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Access Control

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Serverli MD Networkds

Network Devices

Serverli MD Alerts
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Proactive Alerting

Customized audience-specific alerting integrates fragmented security solutions into a unified solution.

Filtering alerts and alarms, enhances situational and operational awareness, offering users clear direction and actionable insights .

Real Time Monitoring

Automated and continuous device discovery scaninng of your environment 


Ensures every device is monitored and protected


Provides full visibility of the health of your security hardware, applications, and data storage

Serverli Dashboard
Serverli MD Alerts Graph
Serverli MD Alerts
Serverli MD Device list


Automated and continuous device discovery scans your environment and ensures that every device is monitored and protected from downtime.

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Take Command of Your Security Environment with Serverli MD

Serverli MD's platform consolidates monitoring and management of an entire security environment into one powerful platform. All existing systems - from video, access control, IoT, network devices, security servers and applications, video storage, etc. - connect into a unified ecosystem. Contact us today to learn more about how Serverli MD can empower your business.

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