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Elevate Security Intelligence: Empowering Proactive Protection Through Advanced Monitoring and Diagnostics

Serverli MD Dashboard

Vendor Neutral

Purpose-built to unify monitoring and management across your entire physical security environment, regardless of the manufacturers deployed.  Serverli MD supports multiple protocols and integrations to eliminate data silos and ensure comprehensive visibility and insight. 

Serverli MD Status Chart

Maximize Uptime

Serverli MD is designed to maximize resilience by continuously monitoring every aspect of your physical security environment.  Quickly detect, diagnose, and eliminate issues with real-time alerting and analytics.  

Alerts Notification

Efficient Alerting & Analytics

Pair Serverli MD's enterprise-wide monitoring with customizable audience-specific alerting to eliminate alert fatigue and missed critical events. Only operators with relevant context and decision-making authority receive relevant alerts.

Serverli MD Alerts

Consolidated Visibilty

Experience Seamless integration of your entire physical security environment into a centralized dashboard providing instant status, health, and performance monitoring across all sites and systems.

Alerts line chart

Hardware Health Monitoring

Serverli MD goes beyond status monitoring. It looks deeper into the comprehensive health of your devices by continuously gathering real-time data on every component of your security infrastructure. 

Alerts in sites

Customizable Reporting

Serverli MD's customizable on-demand reporting features eliminate data silos by unifying data across your entire multi-vendor environment. This consolidation allows for proactive decision-making and enhanced situational awareness.

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